Does going down to the basement strike fear into your heart, or do you feel inspired, relaxed, and comfortable? If your basement is only a place to store the furnace and water heater, know that it can be so much more. If you have kids, you’ll be grateful to have all kinds of extra room!

  • Basement finishing to put on the final touches
  • Basement renovation and remodeling to fit your lifestyle
  • Add a complete apartment suite or keep your remodel simple
  • Improve lighting and air circulation
  • Design a place for the kids to hang out
  • Create storage for all your precious things


If you haven’t gotten around to finishing your basement, or if it was last remodeled sometime in the past century, it’s time to refresh and renew. Until your basement is finished, you’re neglecting a lot of potential. Don’t leave almost half of your home’s living area unused!

Call DW Interior Renovations with your basement remodel ideas. We’ll give you suggestions on how to turn forgotten areas of your home into more room for your family.